Introductory Offer:


First 10 Sponsors Only

Introductory Offer: $1,500

52 slots for 2017

Pre-recorded interview which will be live by Monday to Friday 7:30 am on, Youtube, and Facebook


Premium Listing at for 1 year $$826.00 Value


Featured at EugenesBest.TV for 1 week and listing for 1 full year



Press Release about your interview $500 Value


Facebook Ads to generate live viewers (included)



Bonus: 2nd interview will be live on Youtube and Facebook FREE of charge  (Pre-launch)


Friday at 12:30 live announcement of the winner.

We will generate a ton of buzz about the interview one week before the scheduled live show.

  • Facebook Ad targeting the demographic that you prepare
  • Press Release about the interview, time of showing and the price giveaway
  • Social Posting to various Facebook groups and communities
  • Networking events such as Eugene Greeters and other meetups

Where the money would go.

  • $500 – Generate live viewers from various campaigns and press release
  • $500 – Giveaways; 1 winner of $250, 2nd winner $200 and 5 winners of $10 gift cards
  • $500 – Goes to video production

How the prize will be given away.

  • In person delivery of the cash prize by Jocelyn Wing and Alisha Lindsey
  • Live video footage of the prize disbursement
  • A thank you video by the winner to the sponsor
  • Delivery same day or next day.

What to expect? Targeted live viewers

IMPORTANT NOTE: The interview is based on first come first serve basis.

Download the Video Interview Application Here

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